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Scott Air-Paks

Scott Air-PaksFamily of Products

The Scott Air-Pak family of products incorporates a platform design approach, which allows for a dramatic increase in versatility and compatibility with the entire Scott product line. This design concept helps those departments whose respiratory protection needs extend beyond SCBAs to other air-supplied or air-purified products.

Scott Authorized Service Center


Respiratory Protection for first responders, municipal and industrial firefighters. Time-tested record of reliable performance and rugged dependability. Redundant safeguards promote an added margin of safety.

Scott Air-PakŪ Self Contained Breathing Unit
Scott Air-Pak® SCBA


Scott Air-PakŪ NxG2 Self Contained Breathing Unit
Scott Air-Pak® NxG2 SCBA


High Performance Air-Supply Accessories


S.C.B.A. Vehicle Mounting Brackets

S.C.B.A. Mounting Bracket

S.C.B.A. Mounting Bracket

Ventilation Equipment

Variable Speed Blowers

Electric Blower

Electric Blower

Tempest Variable Speed blowers are the most powerful electric blowers, size-for-size, on the market today. Capable of blade speeds up to 3,200 RPM, the Variable Speed Blowers feature low startup Amp Surge and will run on generaters as small as 2,000 watts.


Gas Powered Blower

Gas Powered Blower

Tempest gasoline powered blowers provide more horsepower than electric blowers. The increased air velocity, higher air volume, and higher air pressure provided by a gasoline blower results in faster ventilation. They require no generator or power cord lays which results in faster setup.


Fire Rescue Saws


The Tempest VentMaster Fire/Rescue saw is more powerful pound per pound, more dependable and easier to start and use. Engineered exclusively for VentMaster, the Raptor Multi-Cut Carbide Chain cuts through wood framing, asphalt shingles, metal roofs and doors and even trees!


The Tempest VentMaster Cutoff Saw incorporates features found on no other Cut Off Saw on the market today. This lightweight unit provides for maximum Power, Versatility and Durability.

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