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American Fire Equipment offers a wide range of state-of-the-art
fire fighting nozzles including:
  • Pistol Grip Nozzles
  • No Grip Nozzles
  • Automatic Nozzles
  • Master Stream Nozzles
  • Rapid Attack Monitors
  • Fixed Monitors
  • Low & High
    Pressure Nozzles
  • Large Diameter Nozzles
  • Fixed Gallonage Nozzles
  • Handline Nozzles
  • Exterior attack Nozzles

Rapid Attack Monitors
Rapid Attack Monitor

Features include:
  • Lightweight, compact monitor quick and easy to deploy
  • Easily deployed by a single firefighter
  • Ergonomic U-shaped valve handle with non-slip grip also serves as a rugged carrying handle
  • Compact, easy to use storage bracket provides secure mounting and quick deployment
  • Up-down travel range from 20 to 63
  • Left-right travel 20 each way (40 total)

Rapid Attack Nozzles

Rapid Attack NozzelRapid Attack Nozzle

Features include:
  • Integrated stream shaper reduces weight and bulk
  • Flow rated for 500 GPM at 75psi; 400GPM at 50 psi
  • Compact, easy to use storgae bracket provides secure mounting and quick deployment
  • Exceptional stream quality in both straight stream
    and fog patterns
Low Pressure Nozzles

Assault Nozzle

Master Stream Nozzle

Water Control Equipment

Hydrant Valves

Intake Relief Valves

Siamese Valves

Distributor Ball Valves

Proudly serving America's bravest for over 100 years.

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